Asking about Ricky Ray’s status as starting QB ‘disrespectful’ says Trestman

Marc Trestman is very particular about words.

The Toronto Argonauts head coach was asked on the team’s season preview conference call if there is a competition for the Argos starting quarterback job and he delivered a terse response that made it crystal clear that Ricky Ray is at the top of the depth chart.

The words don’t really do this exchange justice… Trestman was his typical monotone self but there was some bite to it.

Reporter: What does Mr. Franklin have to do or is it possible for him to win the starting job out of camp?

Trestman: James Franklin is vying in a competition with three other quarterbacks – none of who are Ricky Ray. James Franklin’s he’s got to beat out McLeod Bethel-Thomspon first because he has been here and knows the system and Dakota [Prukop] has been here as well. But he does have playing time, we hold him in very high regard. But Ricky Ray is the quarterback here and he’s going to play every down as long as we can play him. There is no other way of saying it. The question is almost disrespectful to Ricky to even say that or ask it, let me put it that way.

Reporter: Well I get paid to ask questions…

Trestman: You can ask whatever question you want. In my opinion to think that James Franklin is going to come in here and compete with Ricky Ray for the starting position is just disrespectful to Ricky Ray.

Reporter: Alright, fair enough.

Fair enough indeed.