Darian Durant’s Twitter account was straight fire this weekend

So on Sunday, we posted a little Twitter exchange between Winnipeg Blue Bombers communications man Darren Cameron and Darian Durant, who told Cameron to “stay in your lane” after he questioned Durant’s version of events surrounding the quarterback’s retirement.

But Durant wasn’t done, not by a long shot.

He spent a good portion of Sunday going back at Bomber and CFL fans who questioned the timing of his retirement and the decision to keep the $70,000 signing bonus the Bombers gave him in January. Durant, whose Twitter account was dormant for long stretches over the last couple of years, did not hold back one bit. There are too many Tweets and threads to replicate but here’s a sampling of some of the saltiest bits.

Durant also took the time to thank the countless Rider fans who reached out to express their appreciation for his career and those who voiced their support for his decision.

The whole thing feels like Durant is letting go of some pent-up frustration after taking more than his fair share of abuse from disgruntled fans on social media over the years. Now that he’s retired, he doesn’t have to worry about ‘being a distraction” or running afoul of the CFL’s social media policy. Given how nasty the anonymous Twitter eggs can be, it’s kind of fun to see a player (or former player) actually taking them on and speaking his mind.

As for any damage to his “reputation,” Durant’s made it pretty clear that the only fan base whose opinion matters to him is in Saskatchewan and his legacy in Ridervlle was cemented the second they won the Grey Cup in 2013 on prairie soil. That he’s screwing over the Bombers on his way out the door won’t make him any less popular with the Greem and White faithful – quite the opposite.