Alouettes GM Reed takes full blame for Zimmer release clause

Montreal Alouettes general manager Kavis Reed took responsibility for the contract stipulation that allowed defensive lineman Justin Zimmer to be released and sign with the Atlanta Falcons.

“That was a mistake on our behalf that we will take full blame for,” Reed said.

The league office admitted it allowed the Alouettes to sign Zimmer to a CFL deal that included language that made such an arrangement part of the actual contract.

“In this case, a contract for Justin Zimmer was registered with the CFL in November 2017. That contract included a clause that would grant Zimmer his release should he receive an NFL offer. This did not constitute a side deal,” the league said in a statement. “Having said that, such a clause is against our procedures. That contract should not have been registered by the CFL. ”

Reed acknowledged the error was with the Alouettes even though the CFL took the blame.

“We put a statement in there that should not have been in there. So the young man was able to leave,” Reed said.

“Those things, unfortunately, happen without calling it a clerical mistake I would call it a mistake that was added in there.”