Shuffle all: A few options for the Riders new entrance music

Tradition is great. It can unite a fanbase and can add a certain je ne sais quoi to the game day experience.

But, tradition for the sake of tradition? Meh.

Is that what the Riders have developed with their now famous “Bring ‘Em Out” introduction for the last number of years? Receiver Duron Carter sure seems to think so.

Based on the replies to that tweet, it seems that Rider Nation might be more open to change than Carter might have thought.

I haven’t regularly attended home games in a couple seasons, but from my era of being at every home game, it was the video at Taylor Field that played before the “bring ’em out” that sent chills down my spine.

Personally, I love teams that have their own entrance with their own music. Basically the only thing my Ottawa Senators continue to do right to this day. Do any of the Rider songs work? Maybe.

For Carter’s money, he seems to think they should be running onto the field to this song:

Not a bad choice, but does it provide the amp up factor that some other songs do? I don’t know. I get the “Roughrider” connection, but it might be lacking a certain something.

With that in mind, here are a few options the team could consider if they were actually looking to make a change. (Apologies to my good friend Bianca Millions of CTV Edmonton, Sandstorm didn’t make the cut.)

I haven’t regularly watched wrestling in years but few things still get me jacked up like hearing that glass smash. If pre-games weren’t timed out to the second for TSN, it would be even better if the music hit at different times ahead of each game, out of nowhere.

This song has a strong build up that can help whip the crowd into a frenzy. It’s fast, it’s heavy and the idea of the team being considered the “King” works. I could also be biased because this song pops up frequently on my music streaming service.

This song is always a classic but considering football games are, generally speaking, a family environment some editing would need to be done but it’s certainly not impossible. I also famously called this song Up In Here and not Party Up to 3DownNation’s Josh Smith on Twitter, as my musical knowledge is basically zero.

You could also go full ironic and do something like this.

Probably not, though.

My last suggestion presented without comment:

Just kidding. No one wants this.