Manziel could get a side-deal from the CFL to leave after one-year: report

Mike Florio, one of the most well-connected NFL reporters out there and the founder of ProFootballTalk, has an interesting tidbit in his latest Johnny Manziel post.

According to Florio’s “league source,” Manziel is still considering the Alliance of American Football because the “CFL continues to refuse to relent on its requirement that Manziel commit for two seasons.”

But then he drops this:

However, the possibility lingers that the CFL will make a change in order to entice Manziel to come to Canada, allowing him for example to leave after one year, if he plays well enough to attract NFL interest.

Given the fuss the CFL and commissioner Randy Ambrosie have made this winter about players “honouring their contracts,” it would be quite the about-face for the league to allow Manziel to include an NFL out-clause in his contract (usually something that only happens by accident.)

Allowing Manziel preferential treatment in this regard would undoubtedly anger players across the league, the players’ association and call into question the league’s integrity when it comes to contracts. Surely cutting a side deal with Manziel isn’t worth all that, no matter how many jerseys he sells or attention he attracts.

Finally, Florio says Manziel won’t necessarily make a decision on joining the Ticats before CFL training camp’s start in two weeks time.

From Manziel’s perspective, there’s no specific timeline for making a decision to join the CFL. The Canadian teams head to training camp later this month, but Manziel won’t necessarily decide before that happens.

And so the never-ending saga continues.