Police release photos, details from Johnny Manziel’s domestic violence arrest

The Dallas Police Department has released the details of Johnny Manziel’s 2016 arrest for domestic violence, including photos the injuries sustained by Manziel’s then-girlfriend Colleen Crowley.

The arrest report and the photos were originally obtained by website TMZ.

The incident, which occurred on Jan. 29, 2016, began in a hotel room as the pair – who were no longer together – argued over “him being with a girl who had caused us problems in the past.” Crowley decided she was leaving but told police Manziel followed her and threw her to the ground, telling her, “I’m not going to let you leave.”

After Manziel agreed to drive Crowley home, the dispute became increasingly violent. According to the report, Crowley left the vehicle and hid in some bushes but Manziel went after her and they returned to his car, injuring her back as he threw her inside. At that point, Manziel struck her with his open hand, rupturing her eardrum.

“She felt like she was going to die or get beaten really bad,” the police report reads.

After the pair arrived at her apartment, Manziel destroyed her phone as she was trying to contact a friend, leading Crowley to grab a knife. Manziel fled the apartment and Crowley went to a neighbour’s house.

“Johnny Manziel just beat the s–t out of me,” Crowley yelled before neighbours called the police, according to the report.

Manziel was charged with domestic assault in April of 2016. Manziel faced a year in jail but the domestic assault charge was dismissed last November when he successfully completed requirements of a court agreement that included taking an anger management course and participating in the NFL’s substance-abuse program. The case is now concluded which is why the police are releasing the files.

CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie initially said Manziel couldn’t enter the league last season but would be permitted to play in 2018 if he met certain, unspecified conditions. They gave him the green light in December and negotiations are ongoing between Manziel’s camp and the Ticats, who own his CFL rights.

Crowley said in a February interview that she didn’t think Manziel had changed.

“At first, I felt that I needed an apology to help me process the assault. When it wasn’t forthcoming, and I had more time to process his destructive nature, I realized that he needed the remorse in order to heal,” Crowley said. “He won’t change due to his denial of the events, his DNA, and the enablers he surrounds himself with. Me? I’m stronger now.”