Riders have spoken to Alouettes regarding the No. 1 overall pick

Chris Jones has inquired about the No. 1 selection in the 2018 CFL draft.

The Riders currently hold the fifth choice and Montreal owns the top pick.

“The thing that it does do, it gives you certainty to who you can pick,” Jones said. “We’ve talked about a multitude of scenarios.”

Saskatchewan took University of Oklahoma offensive lineman Josiah St. John first in the 2016 CFL draft. That was Jones’ first choice after joining the Riders.

Retired offensive lineman Ben Heenan (2012), linebacker Shomari Williams (2010), defensive lineman Scott Schultz (2001) and linebacker Tyson St. James (2000) were all first overall picks by the Riders since the turn of the century.

If Jones has contacted Alouettes general manager Kavis Reed about the top pick there could be a player the Riders covet above the rest.