Bombers GM Walters says trade talks with a couple teams “quite serious”

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are discussing possible swaps surrounding the CFL draft with other teams.

“At this time before the draft, there is all sorts of talks and all sorts of trades. This year from my standpoint there are a lot more serious discussions,” Bombers general manager Kyle Walters said.

“We’re not going to trade up to the No. 1 pick in the draft by any means. But there are a couple teams that we’re dealing with that I think are quite serious. Something could get done I feel more so than other years where it’s just talk – this seems a little bit more serious than that.”

Winnipeg currently has eight picks – one in each round – including the seventh overall selection. The price for moving up in the first round is well known to Walters.

“To move up teams would want first round picks next year, teams would want a lot to move up,” Walters said.

“Any talk on active players from our standpoint, it seems everybody is so tight against the cap, nobody is really interested in taking on salaries. It’s very difficult to be taking on players of that calibre that you would be talking draft pick-wise that would be tied with a pretty big salary.”