Yep, we’re doing this again: CFL players as Infinity War characters

Plenty has changed since we last did a Marvel-CFL crossover, both in the CFL itself and in the Marvel Cinematic University.

So with the latest Avengers movie now in theatres, it’s a great time to dust off the old casting lists and match up some of the characters from Infinity Wars with some CFL personnel.

Let’s start with our villains, Thanos and the Black Order

Jim Popp as Thanos

He left the last place he conquered (Montreal) in ruins and collects Grey Cup rings like they are Infinity Stones.

Marc Trestman as Ebony Maw

There’s something about Trestman as a comic-book villain that just seems perfect. Like Maw to Thanos, Trestman is Popp’s most-trusted sidekick.

S.J. Green as Corvus Glaive, Bear Woods as Proxima Midnight, Alan-Michael Cash as Cull Obsidian

They all followed their fearless leader from one place to the next, and each bring unique skills to the table that only they possess. They are the perfect henchmen for a man trying to take over the universe.

Now let’s move on to our merry band of heroes that will look to take down our vicious villains.

Bo Levi Mitchell as Iron Man

The leader of the team, and one with a sarcastic wit and highly entertaining personae.

Mike Reilly as Captain America

Oil to Iron Man’s vinegar. Two peas from similar pods, both born leaders, but one with a little bit less of a wild side than the other. And the dope beards don’t hurt the comparison either.

Alex Singleton as Thor

The God of Thunder’s hair may have been removed during Ragnarok, but even without the flowing mane, these two are meant to be paired together.

Charleston Hughes as The Hulk

Now that he dons the green of Rider Nation, Hughes makes the perfect Hulk. I’m pretty sure no one, especially quarterbacks, would like to see Hughes when he’s angry.

Duron Carter as Star-Lord

The potential future leader of the Avengers should Iron Man and/or Cap meet their demise. Carter is just as witty as Iron Man and as seen in the latest Infinity War trailer, there is a healthy rivalry developing between the two. Same can be said for Carter and Mitchell. I mean, who will ever forget Duron’s pick-6 of BLM late last year?

Ed Gainey as Gamora

Like Gamora, Gainey flies a bit under the radar thanks to their more boisterous teammates (for Gamora, it’s Star-Lord; for Gainey, it’s Duron), but take them lightly at your own peril.

Larry Dean as Drax

While I’m sure Dean understands sarcasm, he is otherwise perfectly suited to be our Drax. Unafraid to throw himself into battle, and underrated when it comes to his sense of humour. It doesn’t hurt that Larry Dean looks like he would fit right in in the world of professional wrestling (Drax is played by former WWE champion Dave Bautista).

Shawn Lemon as Rocket

The lone holdover from the last time we did this. Everything I said then remains the same today. Loud mouths who back up their big talk every and any time they are called out.

Solomon Elimimian as Groot

“I am Solly.” Admit it, if you found out those were the only words Elimimian said, you wouldn’t be surprised. Two behemoths who take no prisoners and leave it all out on the battlefield.

And no, I don’t know who Baby Groot or Teenage Groot would be.

Diontae Spencer as Spider-Man

Both took the world by storm in 2017, but yet they still both have something to prove. For Spencer, it is if he can take the leap from star to superstar; for Spidey, it is can he go from stopping muggers in Queens to helping ward off an alien invasion.

Jeremiah Masoli as Doctor Strange

Masoli works magic on the field in ways that would make Stephen Strange proud. He, meaning Masoli (pronouns, pal), does things on a football field that you would think would require the Eye of Agamotto to do. He also recently came under the tutelage of the Ancient One (June Jones) and is now ready to reach his full potential.

Henoc Muamba as Loki

Muamba swaps teams like Loki swaps allegiances. You never know which side the trickster god is one, and you never know which team Muamba is playing for.

James Wilder, Jr. as Black Panther

Two newcomers that burst onto the scene in big, bad ways. Wilder ran away (pun not intended) with the league’s top rookie award after a stellar first season in double blue, while Black Panther had his first movie run away with the box office earlier this year. Now we want to see what both can do as an encore.

Greg Ellingson as Black Widow

Two deadly assassins who are best friends with one of their teammates.

Brad Sinopoli as Hawkeye

The ying to Widow’s/Ellingson’s yang. These are the two best buds of both the CFL and MCU.

Brandon Banks as Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff may have received her powers through less than ideal means, but she can still do magic. Brandon Banks performs all sorts of magic on the football field., especially for being a little man in a big man’s game.

Ricky Ray as Bucky Barnes

Speaking of pieced together, if I told you Ricky Ray kept himself cryogenically frozen like the Soviets did Bucky for decades, would you be surprised?

Derel Walker as Vision

A little nondescript, but Derel Walker makes for the perfect Vision. Both have seemingly unlimited abilities, and Walker seems like he’d be capable of picking up Mjölnir (if it wasn’t destroyed by Hela during Ragnorok).

Bakari Grant as Shuri

I’ll admit, this one is a bit of a cheat and is all because of Grant’s tweets from earlier in the year.

Jerome Messam as Falcon

Two guys who are probably severely underrated when it comes to what they bring to the table.

Weston Dressler as Ant-Man

They are both tiny. It really doesn’t go much beyond that.

Adarius Bowman as War Machine

Both War Machine and Bowman have been somewhat forgotten, but these are still two highly skilled combatants that anyone should want on their side of a battle.

Josh Smith has been writing about the Ticats and the CFL since 2010 and was sporting his beard way before it was cool. Will be long after, too.