Chris Jones makes his feelings on the Riders QB competition crystal clear

Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Chris Jones wants to make sure everyone is listening and understands how he views the quarterback spot.

Jones got a little testy when asked how he viewed the quarterback depth chart, the reporter clearly fishing for Zach Collaros to be named as the No. 1 guy.

“Ok. I don’t know if we have trouble hearing, but exactly what I said a month ago is the exact thing that every position on our football team is a competition. That’s why it’s called pro football and not rec league or something like that, every position is going to be challenged and I think that’s the way that you create a great team,” Jones said.

Jones has been steadfast since the Riders re-signed Canadian quarterback Brandon Bridge and acquired Collaros in a trade with Hamilton earlier this year that there would be an open competition for the No.1 quarterback job. As Collaros clearly understands.

“Like coach says it’s about competition just going out there and competing,” Collaros said.

The contract numbers favour Collaros, which is part of the reason why he sees himself as the starter.

“Of course,” Collaros replied to viewing himself as the No. 1 quarterback on the depth chart.