Collaros answers knee questions over two years – and 19 games – since injury

After taking the field for the first time as a Rider, quarterback Zach Collaros was asked about… the same old thing.

Reporter: Zach is there anything you think you have to change to get back to the quarterback from 2015, something about your game?

“Uh, no,” Collaros said tersely and then shook his head.

Reporter: You weren’t rolling around a whole lot today…

Collaros: “What’s that?”

Reporter: Do you feel like you need to test it or have you done that already in workouts?

“Test what?” Collaros asked.

Reporter: Your injured knee from before.

Collaros: “Yeah…that was in 2015. I feel good. That was a long time ago, so my knee’s good.”

The former Ticats quarterback tore the ACL in his right knee in September 2015, over two and a half years ago. Since then the 29-year-old has played in 19 CFL games throwing for 4,705 yards, 26 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

Translation: Collaros’ knee is perfectly fine.