Alouettes narrow list of players in play with No. 1 pick

The Alouettes are honing in on players they may select at No. 1 in the CFL draft.

“We’ve narrowed down the list of guys that we feel can be the first overall pick. There are four guys now, we’ve settled on four,” general manager Kavis Reed said.

It’s believed receiver Mark Chapman and offensive lineman Dakoda Shepley, both of whom starred at CFL combine, are in the mix.

However, signing ratio-breaker linebacker Henoc Muamba will not impact the Als plan with the top choice come May 3.

“It doesn’t change the view at all,” general manager Kavis Reed said. “Henoc is a tremendous addition that will serve us well.”

Reed feels strongly the Alouettes need player that can make an impact year one but that doesn’t mean the first overall pick has to start instantly.

“There are still a couple things that we’re working on that will address some depth needs that we have so that we don’t put the pressure on that individual to have to come in right away,” Reed said.

“The development of players is critically important. You have to be mindful of that, sometimes you put people in a situation to fail and you want to be very mindful of putting people in a situation that they can succeed. Having a first overall pick that has the pressure of being an immediate starter may not be prudent in that person’s development.”

Montreal is taking a patient approach to any possible trades involving the first selection in the May 3 CFL draft and Reed says the Als have yet to receive a significant trade offer.

“We’re still a bit away from the draft,” Reed said. “And a lot of people are still doing a lot of homework.”