Alouettes GM sees benefits in Mike Sherman’s double dipping

The Montreal Alouettes were well aware of Mike Sherman’s commitment to coaching in the Your Call Football League when the team hired him as their head coach.

“In the interview process the organization knew – we put it in the press release,” general manager Kavis Reed said.

Training camp for the league started on Monday, April 16 in Vero Beach, Florida. Sherman is the head coach of the “Grit” team which will line up against the “Power” squad coached by former NFL running back and ESPN analyst Merril Hoge.

“Mike Sherman is a football institution. He is all football, all the time. And this man is also committed. We have full understanding of what his responsibilities entail. We do not feel that it interferes in his preparation. In fact, it helps his preparation because our coaches are with him. They’re doing spring meetings while he’s there. Mike is meeting with them every day,” Reed said.

“It helps because being out of coaching for a bit it gives him an opportunity to get back into the rhythm and routine well not compromising his preparation. Our coaches have spent more time in the off-season with the head coach than I’ve seen in a long time. Playbooks are done. Training camp schedule and scripts are done. If we had to start training camp today our guys are ready to go.”

CFL rookie camps are slated to open on May 16 with full training camps set to get underway on May 20. Sherman’s “Grit” team is scheduled to play games on May 3, 10 and 17 with fans given the ability to participate by voting on three coach-selected plays. The Alouettes are holding their mini-camp in Vero Beach from April 16 to 18, at the same Dodgertown facility where the Your Call Football is taking place.

“It’s an opportunity to see a lot of talent in a controlled football environment over an extended period of time. It’s available to every CFL team. When we started talking about the situation, I’m looking at it as there are opportunities here and not just from a scouting perspective, not just from a coaching perspective, but from an experience perspective as well,” Reed said.

“People are going to always run to what is half empty versus what is half full. There is no interference with the Montreal Alouettes preparation.”