Johnny Manziel ‘frustrated’ and ‘pissed off’ after Spring League loss

Johnny Manziel was blunt in assessing his play in The Spring League debut.

The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner and former first-round NFL draft pick completed 9 of 15 passes for 83 yards and one touchdown while being sacked three times in the South team’s 11-7 loss. Manziel had a chance to lead the squad to a game-winning touchdown with less than two minutes on the clock, but he was thrown for a loss on fourth and one to end the comeback attempt.

Reporter: How does it feel to be taking snaps again?

Manziel: Decent. It was good to be back on the field. I’m frustrated right now. The first quarter was short being in there, but nevertheless on the field with two minutes left to win the game – I’m pissed right now. Trying to shake it off a little bit, it’s our first game. We shot ourselves with mistakes. We practised a lot, a lot of stuff this week, but it’s a showcase game, it’s a quick two-week, two-game Spring League. As frustrated as I am now, I made it through the two quarters that I did play – I’m healthy. I had fun, the touchdown in the first quarter was fun, but it’s just a sour, sour taste right now.

Reporter: What does the #ComebackSZN mean to you?

Manziel: It means a lot of things, the main thing about comeback season for me is no matter where I end up, no matter what happens football-wise at least my life, at least I’ve repaired a lot of relationships that needed work, I’ve repaired a lot of myself that needed a lot of work. And I’m able to run back on the field, something that I didn’t know if I’d ever get a chance to do again. It’s disappointing in some of the things that happened, but nevertheless, this is a huge step for me, I put pads back on, a lot of people just even wrote me off to even get to this point. I’m definitely emotional about it, I’m definitely happy about it. This isn’t the end goal for me but I’m having fun again. Guys talking s**t on the field, I’m having fun. I have a smile on my face. I’ll be pissed off and go back and watch the film, but at least I know we come back out here and play again.

Reporter: Can you take us through the touchdown and what were you feeling when it happened?

Manziel: I was just trying to put that touchdown in a spot to where – it wasn’t really a throw away but it was really an our ball or nobody else’s ball. And then I got hit, I hit the ground pretty hard and I got up and more than hearing what happened in the stands it felt good to get hit that hard again. The touchdown on top of it was a bonus. It was a great catch and a great route by the receiver.