John Chick retirement decision brought peace to (large) family

John Chick took all 10 – soon to be 11 – family members into account when making the final call to end his pro football career.

Wife Catherine is due to give birth to the couple’s ninth child in July and Chick wanted to keep up with the duties of being a dad and husband while creating a stable living base for the kids.

“For some time, over the past year, you guys know my family dynamic, I wasn’t at peace with a decision that really affects the whole family. We had to make a decision, with older kids, that it wasn’t in their best interest to go back and forth anymore. Moving around each year has been a major shift for them and they have to say good-bye to friends everywhere we go. I’ve had my oldest boy signed up for football four times in Saskatchewan, Hamilton and Edmonton but he has yet to play,” Chick told Rod Pedersen on CKRM’s SportsCage Monday.

“For the past six months, I’ve been going back and forth on it. I couldn’t come to peace with knowing what the day-to-day expectations were as a dad and as a husband. So we came to this decision and it’s brought a lot of peace.”

After being traded to the Eskimos last August, Chick moved the family to Edmonton. Former Ticats defensive coordinator and current Lions special teams coordinator Jeff Reinebold stepped up to help, driving the Chickmobile all the way out west.

Currently, the Chick’s are living in Jacksonville. That’s where Chick played two seasons for the Jaguars in 2011 and 2012 making 10 tackles, 2.5 sacks and one forced fumble in 19 games.

“This decision,” Chick said, “has brought a lot of peace to the family.”