Redblacks GM Desjardins: doughnut test provided insight, humour to interviews

Redblacks general manager Marcel Desjardins went dough-nuts with a spur of the moment idea for CFL combine interviews.

“We were in Tim Hortons and I said, ‘let’s get some doughnuts and play a little game.’ That’s what we did,” Desjardins said.

Ottawa had three doughnuts in a box for prospects to choose, but not eat: old-fashioned plain, Long John, and Canadian maple.

“I just asked the guys — one guy actually reached and we had to slap his hand — which doughnut do you identify with the most and why? A lot of guys said the old-fashioned plain, especially the offensive linemen. They said they were hard-working, what you see is what you get-types,” Desjardins said.

“The best answers I liked. One player said he identified most with the Canadian maple because it was well-rounded and had no holes. Another player said the Long John represents me because I’m long, lean, dark, and my personality has sprinkles all over it.”

Desjardins wanted to see how quickly players processed the decision and have some fun too.

“A couple guys took a long time to figure out what they wanted to say and some guys it just came out naturally. It gives you a sense of the guy’s personality based on what he answers.”

Ivy Leaguer Ryder Stone put his Dartmouth smarts to the doughnut test.

“I’m an old-fashioned plain guy, straightforward. I told them I was more of a sour cream glaze guy, but that wasn’t an option,” Stone, the running back, said.

“If you were flashy maybe you were the Long John or a real Canadian maybe you went with the maple.”