As legalization approaches, Ambrosie says league must review its approach on marijuana

CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie says the league will have to review its approach to marijuana in the wake of the legalization legislation that’s expected to take effect this summer.

“This is an interesting if not confusing time in society with the changing landscape on marijuana laws. There is some part of this process that is being confused by the fact that we are on the doorstep of a law that is going to change,” Ambrosie said. “We’ve been speaking to other organizations and we’ve been trying to figure out where are we going to go with this? If the law of the land is that marijuana is legal, we’re going to have to reflect on this.”

Saskatchewan receiver Duron Carter is facing two separate charges for marijuana possession and has not been disciplined by either the league or the Roughriders. Carter was in Winnipeg for CFL Week but was made available to members of the media.

TSN’s Dave Naylor reported Friday that the league isn’t expected to discipline Carter but Ambrosie wouldn’t say anything officially.

“We’ll never talk about what we’re discussing until we’ve reached a conclusion,” he said. “I think the players deserve that we do our work behind closed doors and then reveal, at the appropriate time, what we’re thinking on the matter and we’re not in a position to speak to that today.”