Toronto wanted Corey Chamblin back as defensive coordinator

Argos head coach Marc Trestman didn’t want former defensive coordinator Corey Chamblin to leave the coaching staff.

The team termed Chamblin’s decision to stay in the United States for the 2018 season as a “leave of absence” and Trestman was asked on Monday if Chamblin could return to the team at some point.

“Obviously that’s a loaded question. The leave of absence was really up until we made the decision – to be as straightforward as I can – with Mike [Archer]. Obviously, if Corey wanted to come back and get involved with us then there’s multiple questions involved in that, there’s budgetary questions and things like that. But we wanted Corey to stay and we waited as long as we could, we have to get started, we have to move forward,” Trestman told the media Monday.

Mike Archer, who was Toronto’s linebacker coach last season, was promoted to replace Chamblin as Argos’ defensive coordinator.

“The beauty is Mike Archer was all in on that. Mike took over the coordinator job the last few months and has gotten us ready and done a really brilliant job,” Trestman said.

“We just wish Corey well and he’s always welcome back. We didn’t want him to leave. This was a hard decision that I know he made with his wife and his family. He missed his boys and wanted to try to find another way to work.