Trestman call to Calvillo for Argos QB coach job ‘came out of left field’

Anthony Calvillo was set to take a year away from football in 2018.

“After the 2017 season I was into my coaching career, it was three years, and each year had its own challenges. I wanted to come into the profession and learn because even though I played for 20 years once you go into the coaching aspect it really does not matter how you long you played for because there is so much more information, so much more knowledge that you need,” Calvillo said in a video on

After a Hall of Fame playing career, Calvillo spent the last three seasons on staff in Montreal in various roles: receivers coach, offensive coordinator and overseeing quarterbacks.

“I really wanted to learn in the process. After three years, I was really just tired. We put a lot of hours, we use a lot of energy and I thought it was in my best interest just to take a year off. I got on the phone right away when the season was over I called Mr. Bob Wetenhall, I explained to him my situation that I was planning on taking the year off. I then talked to Kavis Reed and explained to them and they wanted me to take some time to see if my mind was going to change and after a little while it was not going to change.”

Calvillo had planned to travel and had charity events scheduled for the year until the Argos head coach contacted him.

“Marc Trestman gave me a call saying that Marcus Brady was going to leave and go to the Indianapolis Colts and if I was interested in being the quarterback coach for them. That just came out of left field, it came out of nowhere,” Calvillo said,

“And I talked to my wife, I talked to my kids, explained to them that this was a possibility and things were going to be different for us because we’ve been really spoiled. And what I mean by spoiled is basically I’ve been able to stay in this city and play for so many years.”

The 45-year-old played 16 seasons for the Alouettes, winning three Grey Cups and three Most Outstanding Player awards.

“And my kids have been able to sleep in their own beds and I’ve always explained to them that there is always a chance in this profession whether as a player or as a coach that we might have to go somewhere else. They always joked around, “Daddy you could go somewhere else but we’re going to stay here,” Calvillo said.

That’s exactly how the Calvillo family will approach his new job.

“I’m going to go to Toronto, I’m going to learn from my mentor somebody who I just have so much respect for. It’s going to be a transition, it really is. I’ve been very comfortable here for so many years. My girls were born and raised here, my wife is from here,” Calvillo said.

“This [Montreal] is our home. When we travel, when we go other places people ask you where are you guys from we say we’re from Montreal. This will be our home for a long, long time.”