Bakari Grant’s Tweet about his Black Panther-loving kid opens some amazing doors

Bakari Grant’s innocuous, if extremely cute, tweet about his daughter may have opened up some pretty spectacular opportunities for her.

Late Sunday, the Saskatchewan Roughriders receiver tweeted a photo of his daughter (wearing a Riders bunny hug) with a Flat Stanley – a project that sees kids use paper cut-outs to promote literacy and develop an interest in learning about people and places – that had been turned into a version of Shuri, the ass-kicking super scientist from the recent Black Panther movie.

The original Tweet has been like more than 2,700 times but it’s the responses from scientific institutions that have Grant freaking out a bit (and rightly so.)

It even got the attention of the Black Panther himself, actor Chadwick Boseman.

Given how awful social media can sometimes be, especially for professional athletes, it’s pretty heart-warming to see the positive responses this Tweet received.