Johnny Manziel would go to Patriots in a “heartbeat”

Canadian-born receiver-turned NFL analyst Nate Burleson believes that quarterback Johnny Manziel would be a good fit for the New England Patriots – and Johnny Football is inclined to agree with him.

“I’ll go to New England in a heartbeat,” Manziel said as he snapped his fingers. “In a heartbeat.”

Burleson, who was born in Calgary and played 11 years in the NFL, texts regularly with Manziel and raised the idea of backing up Tom Brady on the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football show.

“When it comes to Johnny and the Patriots…one thing we do need to figure out before anybody puts on a Patriot uniform is how much you’re invested intellectually and how much do you love the game, emotionally. Because we’ve seen guys go there that are halfway in love with the game and that are halfway in love with the idea of being a Patriot. And it doesn’t really work out,” Burleson said.

“Johnny can go there for a reason that not a lot of people really realize. He’s not going beat out Tom Brady, we all know that. I don’t think there’s any quarterback that can beat out Tom Brady as a free agent coming to the Pats. But there is a competition that he would confident in going into, and that’s the second string position which is Brian Hoyer. Brian Hoyer, Johnny Manziel both played together in Cleveland, so that second string competition will be as high as ever and also be like a memory for both of them and the best man will prevail.”

Burleson believes Manziel’s traits would provide New England with a skill set the Patriots haven’t had in a while.

“If Johnny goes there though, this will be the most athletic quarterback the Pats have had since Tom Brady has taken over,” Burleson said.

Perhaps the Patriots will be watching Manziel closely in The Spring League.