Pinball Clemons pre-game speech to Argos from 2004 Grey Cup

Michael “Pinball” Clemons is known for his legendary oratory skills and now we have new (old) video evidence.

The following is the speech Clemons, then head coach of the Argos, delivered before his team played the Lions in the 2004 Grey Cup in Ottawa.

The words don’t really do it justice – it’s all in the delivery – but here’s the transcription.

Guys, I think of myself as a rational man. A guy who understands perspective about life and what’s important. Part of it is this, is when you truly care about somebody and you’re willing to work together with them and truly willing to do it, not just for your own good, but for their good first. When you think about somebody else first, they truly, become, family!

Who are we?! FAMILY! Who are we?! FAMILY!Who are we?! FAMILY!

Now when we go out there today, we’ve been talking about playing at another level, we’ve been talking about being dominant, and you know why we’ve been dominant in the last few weeks?!

What’s the word?! HIT! What’s the word?! HIT!

Because you’ve gotta hit somebody in this game. That’s why we’ve been dominant. Men when we go out there today there’s going to be a bigger audience that’s ever seen football in this entire country – in history! It’s the biggest crowd ever! Now we got a chance to do what we talked about. We’ve talked about playing this game at a level, that NOBODY, NOBODY, NOBODY in any league, anywhere has ever played this game.

What’s the word?! HIT! What’s the word?! HIT! What’s the word?! HIT!

When all the guys are watching in Calgary today, I want them to call the season ticket lines and say listen: I’ve never seen anybody play the game like this.

What’s the word?! HIT! What’s the word?! HIT!

Guys let’s go out there today as a family and get it done from the first whistle to the last.

Who are we?! FAMILY! Who are we?! FAMILY!

Win on three! One, two, three: WIN!

Needless to note, Toronto beat B.C. 27-19 to win the CFL championship.