Johnny Manziel engages in Twitter beef, acts all mature

While we at 3Down have occasionally been less than supportive of Johnny Manziel’s decision-making process, particularly when it seemed like he was either a) big-timing the CFL or b) putting marketing opportunities ahead of football concerns. But let us take a moment to recognize the young man’s restraint in dealing with Saturday’s social media beef involving Michael Rappaport.

Stick with us, this is gonna take a minute to explain.

Rapaport is an actor and podcaster who has recently parted ways with the folks at Barstool Sports after a short-lived partnership. Barstool has long been a supporter of Manziel and he was recently interviewed on one of their podcasts. On Saturday, Manziel posted a photo on his Instagram story of Rapaport portrayed as a clown – yes a literal clown – and tagged Barstool founder Dave Portnoy.

Rapaport was not amused and came back hard on Twitter, including a screenshot from Manziel’s Instagram.

OK, it can be cold in Canada we’ll give him that. But insulting Manziel using his well-documented substance abuse issues and attempt to get sober seems a bit harsh, even in this age of no holds barred social media.

One would have expected Manziel to respond in kind but instead, he took the high road and gave what, under the circumstances, is a perfectly reasonable and measured response.

Rapaport wasn’t done, however, and responded to Manziel a second time. He even referenced the CFL saying “get yourself some thermals and a sleeping bag and get ready to go to Canada.”

Including Rapaport in the initial Instagram post was clearly unnecessary but the responses are wayyyy over the top. Even if you’re inclined to be cynical about Manziel’s recent redemption media tour, the man deserves the benefit of the doubt on mental health and addiction issues. Michael Rapaport just seems like a hyper-sensitive jerk while Manziel seems almost… mature?

Yeah, we’re as surprised as anyone.