The Riders (hypothetical) starting line up for an outdoor hockey game

Yes, I’m pulling a page out of 3DownNation’s Josh Smith’s playbook by comparing CFLers to something else in the world.

We learned recently that the NHL has considered putting an outdoor game at Mosaic Stadium, they were even going to attend the game that was supposed to happen between the WHL’s Regina Pats and Moose Jaw Warriors to see how the whole thing went. For a variety of reasons (mostly pricing) that plan eventually fell through and the Pats moved that game back to the comfy confines of the Brandt Centre.

Will the NHL ever put a game between say the Calgary Flames and Winnipeg Jets in Regina? Who knows. They’ve certainly had worse ideas.

What got me thinking more so than the NHL game would be the usual alumni game that accompanies it. What if, and this is a huge if, current members of the Saskatchewan Roughriders were challenged to a game by a team made up of local hockey alumni or perhaps another CFL team? It could be a fun little twist on the event that would tie the biggest team in town into the event.

If this game happened, I would consider the following players to be the team’s starting line up. For this line up, we’ll disregard facts such as if the player can actually skate or not, as this is likely to never happen and is just for fun.

Goalie: Dan Clark

Clark is used to being in the middle of things when it comes to protecting the quarterback. If anything, hanging out in the crease might be an easier task as there’s fewer moving pieces and trickery. His size should certainly be an advantage too.

Defence: Willie Jefferson and Brandon Bridge

It might seem like an odd combo but they might compliment each other well. Jefferson can use his size and reach (like Zdeno Chara) to retrieve pucks and punish the opposition. Bridge would be the skilled, puck mover who can quickly get up ice or make a solid first pass. Bridge would also be a solid quarterback (sorry) on the powerplay.

Wingers: Rob Bagg and Duron Carter

Bagg seems like a no-brainer for this team. The Kingston native will do the little things to make sure his teammates succeed. Whether it’s mucking it up in the corners, being persistent on the backcheck or standing in front of the goalie, Bagg would do it. Carter is just naturally skilled and would be the go-to guy to finish any play.

Centre: Jerome Messam

Messam is big, hard to take down and is used to working hard up the middle. Though, he might have to work on his faceoff skills. Like football, you build up the middle in hockey, like a running back, a good centre in hockey creates space and opportunities for his teammates and draws the attention of the other team. Messam can do that.