CFL MOP Reilly ‘used to be able to eat Big Macs and not worry about it’

Mike Reilly is coming off the best season of his career at age 33 and cutting out stops at McDonald’s might push the 2017 CFL MOP to even further heights.

“I used to be able to eat Big Macs and not worry about it. And at this point, if I want to play for as long as I think I want to, I gotta make sure I’m doing all the off the field stuff properly. I know I look like I’m 25 but I’m in my 30’s now,” Reilly said with a laugh on TSN 1260 in Edmonton.

Reilly completed over 68 per cent of his passes for 5,830 yards and 30 touchdowns, plus he added 390 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns – accounting for 42 total majors. If that’s what Reilly can accomplish on Big Macs he’s a machine.

“I’ve met with a dietician, nutritionist that works professionally at the University of Washington in charge of all the sports programs and set up a meal plan to try to make sure I’m staying healthy,” Reilly said.

Imagine the possibilities for a clean-eating Eskimos franchise pivot.