Henry Burris says ‘stuff could hit the fan’ in the Hamilton

Henry Burris continues to be critical of the franchise that sent him packing in a “disrespectful” way, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

“I think Jerry Glanville is a great mind. And to me, it’s almost like signing that running back out of the NFL who had that great name who can come in here and try to sell some tickets. I’ve been seeing all the talk about the Johnny Manziel gate that’s been happening in Hamilton, and now here comes the Jerry Glanville gate. And then you see the defensive coordinator who was just there coming back, Orlondo Steinauer,” Burris said on TSN 1200 in Ottawa.

“There is so much taking place in Hamilton, my only problem is: how many chiefs can you have under one tent? That’s the only problem I’m having right now with Hamilton because they have lots of guys who have strong opinions who are confident in what they’ve been able to achieve.”

The Ticats have repatriated Steinauer and named 76-year-old Glanville as defensive coordinator. June Jones is the head coach while the former coach Kent Austin remains vice president of football operations with Eric Tillman as general manager.

“And now you bring in a guy like Jerry Glanville who isn’t too shy about ruffling people’s feathers and speaking his mind. If things don’t happen successfully there early on I think stuff could hit the fan much quicker than they could assess it to. But on the flip side, you’re bringing in a guy that has lots of experience – no CFL experience, as far as when it comes to being a defensive coordinator. He’ll have to make sure that he’s surrounding himself with guys that understand the game and maybe that’s why they brought Orlondo Steinauer about,” Burris said.

The 2016 Grey Cup champion and MVP was shocked by Steinauer’s return to Hamilton.

“You’re the defensive coordinator at a NCAA Division I program like Fresno State and took them from a two-win season to a 10 win season and led a defence that vastly improved. The ceiling of opportunity was much higher in Division I and where he could go then coming back to Hamilton,” Burris said.

“So there’s lots of questions that have to be answered and only time’s going to tell if this thing is going to work out. But again, Jerry Glanville doesn’t have experience in the CFL, so I don’t know why they gave him this. I think it was just more of a payback for the things he did for their head coach throughout his NFL career.”