Canadiens crowd greets new Als QB Josh Freeman with deafening silence

Montreal brought presumptive starting quarterback Josh Freeman to town and two of his new teammates took him to a Canadiens game Monday night.

Freeman, who signed in January, was shown to a sold-out Bell Centre with over 21,000 in attendance.

Despite the lack of excitement in the building, Freeman was being discussed on social media.

The Canadiens 2018-2019 season has been a disappointment as the red, white and blue have been well out of the playoff race for a while, much like the Alouettes in 2018. Montreal went 3-15 and finished last in the CFL standings. The Habs lost to the Flyers 1-0 on Monday and are 23-29-10, but at least their winning percentage is higher (about 20 points) than the Alouettes.

Even though the Als have said it’s an open competition for the No. 1 quarterback spot, it sure seems as though the team is treating Freeman like the starter: Drew Willy, Matthew Shiltz or the other three pivots currently on the roster aren’t being taken to Habs games.

For the Alouettes sake, hopefully, Freeman can cause more excitement at Percival Molson Stadium than he did at the Bell Centre.