Riders’ Duron Carter says CFL was boring until he came along

Duron Carter feels the CFL lacked a little flair before his arrival.

Carter welcomed new Riders fan and New York City hero Joe Lozito by letting him know who the most entertaining player in the league is.

Lozito, who stopped the killing spree of Maksim Gelman in Feb. 2011 and was left in critical condition after his heroics, put up a Twitter poll in January to decide on a favourite CFL team.

“I figured I might get 20 votes, just my friends being goofy,” Lozito told Global News. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would get 1800 votes.”

“Ridernation is incredible! They should be very proud, and the Roughriders should be very proud of their fan base. They are second to none in the CFL I’m sure, and across all sports.”

The new Riders fan will quickly get to know Carter is the most intriguing player on the team and league-wide. And both of Lozito and Carter’s favourite colours might be the same now.