Ricky Ray was 50-50 about returning coming off Grey Cup victory

Ricky Ray was getting support from those close to him about coming back and playing another season.

“My family and my wife, especially, was always encouraging me to keep playing if I wanted to. She was always supporting me to come back,” Ray said on TSN 1050 in Toronto.

“Coach Trestman he sent me some text messages along the way just encouraging me to come back if I still had it in my heart.”

Ray signed a one-year deal to return to the Argos worth $335,000 in hard money in early February.

“To be honest the first month or so I was kind of 50-50, coming off a Grey Cup…it was a great accomplishment for us to be at the top of the mountain. The ability to retire and go out on top, going into last year I thought it could be my last year,” the 38-year-old explained.

“Once I got into January I started having stronger feelings about coming back and playing and eventually got to that decision a few weeks ago.”

Toronto’s veteran pivot had a resurgent season in 2017 under head coach Marc Trestman, throwing for over 5,000 yards and leading the Argos to a Grey Cup title a record fourth for a starting quarterback in the CFL.

“Deep down inside I feel like I still have something to give,” Ray said. “I want to come back and try to do it again.”