Hebert makes guarantee; Als’ Reed fine squandering Feb. 1 bonus paid to linebacker

Redblacks linebacker Kyrie Hebert made a confident statement after his release from Montreal.

“When I spoke to the new [Alouettes] coordinator [Kahlil Carter] … I told him, when we play this season, I guarantee I’m going to outplay the linebacker that you have. Bet on that,” Hebert told Montreal Gazette reporter Herb Zurkowsky.

Mere hours after the Alouettes let the 37-year-old go upon his request, Ottawa scooped him up. The Alouettes let Hebert speak with other CFL teams prior to setting him free and after, according to Zurkowsky, he was paid a $40,000 bonus on Feb. 1

Reed said owners Robert and Andrew Wetenhall were in on the decision and gave their blessing to kissing goodbye $40,000. Reed believes squandering $40,000 outweighs the potential of having a disgruntled player in the dressing room, a risk had Hebert returned and not played regularly.

Hebert made a career-high 110 tackles, forced three fumbles, made two sacks and intercepted one pass in 18 games last year. He was named an East Division all-star in 2017 and had spent the past six seasons in Montreal. He made 391 defensive tackles, including 21 sacks in 92 games for the Als.