Former radio bro Dean Blundell attempts to troll CFL again, fails badly

Former shock jock-turned-internet-click-baiter Dean Blundell has emerged to make yet another lame attempt at trolling the CFL.

Blundell, last seen hosting a morning show on the Fan 590 – it was cancelled last February – has apparently launched a website dealing in the lowest common denominator clickbait. And while that characterization might seem a little hypocritical coming from us, at least our ill-fated Genie Bouchard post wasn’t exclusively focussed on her ass. Seriously. (We aren’t linking to it.)

Anyway, Blundell barfed up this witless attempted takedown of CFL free agency on Tuesday that featured commentary so inane, it’s almost too unbearable to repeat. But here’s a brief, yet still painful, sampling of “jokes” Blundell had in response to Tweets about free agent happenings.

“MMMMMM. Great move.”
“You do that fella.”
“The CFL has 5 teams and cares about 3 of em. Quite the emergency.”

This isn’t the first time Blundell has spewed garbage takes on the CFL. Back in May 2016, while still inexplicably hosting on the Fan590, Blundell posed an asinine question on Twitter that managed to annoy not one but two fan bases in the market he was supposed to be serving.

If you were held against your will for a week and had to watch either the #CFL or the#MLS, which would you choose?

— Dean Blundell (@ItsDeanBlundell) May 17, 2016

Like we said, he lost that gig – and the one before that as well: he was fired by Toronto radio station The Edge 102.1 in 2014 after making comments deemed to be homophobic.

Anyway, Blundell’s post currently has zero comments.