Bombers reconsidering plans at linebacker after Muamba hits market

Bombers general manager Kyle Walters is rethinking the team’s plans at middle linebacker since Henoc Muamba has become available.

“Anytime a player of that calibre becomes available, particularly a Canadian player, every team’s doing the same thing that we are, that you take a look at your salary cap, you take a look at your roster, and you start [on] how or can this work. I think that’s what everybody’s doing right now. Is it realistic or not?” Walters said.

“Everybody right now is looking at him. It’s just a matter of how realistic is the question? His agent does a good job. He’ll take all the offers, in the past you’ve seen that they’re patient, they’ll wait out for the right offer. I don’t know what to expect. I can’t get a read on him at all. After being released players like to take a little bit of time to digest the entire situation before they are interested in jumping right back in, especially with Jonathon [Hardaway] and Henoc, I believe they’ll just take a deep breath before figuring out what they want to do. ”

Last season, Muamba had his best year since the CFL all-star campaign he put together in 2013. The 28-year-old played in 17 games making 82 tackles, three forced fumbles and two interceptions to earn the Riders Most Outstanding Canadian award.

“He’s a quality Canadian starter, which in our league are at a premium,” Walters said. “Everybody will take a look at their roster and look at their ratio and say can we or can we not fit Henoc in? What’s the price point?”

Muamba was released by Saskatchewan on Wednesday after the Riders elected against making a $35,000 off-season payment.