Henry Burris needs to take his QB rankings and shove it

Oh Henry, you just can’t help yourself, can you?

The man who once told TSN’s panel to shove it because they dared to criticize his play thrust himself back into the limelight by, get this, criticizing the play of quarterbacks.

Oh, how the worm has turned.

Burris was asked for his top nine quarterbacks on the CFL podcast this week and, quite frankly, the list is almost complete garbage and feels like an attempt by Burris to massage his massive ego and grind an axe or two while he was at it.

The list starts off with Mike Reilly and Bo Levi Mitchell in the top two spots and I don’t think anyone would quibble with that, so you’re thinking, “This isn’t so bad.”

Matt Nichols comes in at No. 3, and while that is debatable, it is also defensible. Nichols had a terrific year in 2017 and finally showed he is much more than the Alex Smith of the CFL. Is he an elite quarterback capable of taking over games and leading Winnipeg to that long lost Grey Cup title, I don’t know, but he has continued to improve since landing in Winnipeg and saying he is the third-best QB in the CFL is not something worth fighting over.

It’s after Nichols where all hell breaks loose.

Trevor Harris, Jeremiah Masoli, Ricky Ray, Jonathon Jennings, Darian Durant and Kevin Glenn round out Burris’ top nine. Conspicuous by his absence is one Zach Collaros.

I’m not even sure where to start, but Ricky Ray below both Trevor Harris and Jeremiah Masoli? Did Ray not just lead the Argos to a championship two months ago? In what universe do you rank Harris, who has never started a full season in the CFL, or Masoli, who had 10 very good games to end last year but it was still just 10 games, ahead of a four-time, and the defending, Grey Cup champion quarterback? It also defies logic considering what Burris used as his reasoning for leaving Zach Collaros out of his top nine, but more on that in a second.

Of course, when Burris was called out on this nonsense by, of all people, Argos running back Brandon Whitaker, he had a response.

Hank has a method, you guys. If that method is anything other than pulling names randomly out of a hat, it’s horrendously flawed. Also, if Ray being unsigned was an issue, why rank him at all?

Burris changed his tune once Ray did sign.

Next up we have Darian Durant. Him being on the list at all, let alone at No. 8, is mystifying. Sure, eighth isn’t exactly top tier, but it still means Hank thinks Durant is a starting-calibre quarterback and that… well, where is the laughing emoji when you need it.

Seriously, unless Burris spent last year with his head buried in his rear end, how can he think Durant is the eighth-best quarterback in the CFL? He might not be the eighth-best quarterback in the world named Darian Durant and I’m pretty sure there aren’t seven others.

But the most notable part of Burris’ list was the non-ranking of Collaros, the same Collaros who took his job as Ticats’ starting quarterback in 2014. Burris has not been shy about burying the Ticats at every turn since he was dumped by the team following the 2013 season. Burris spent the lead-up to the 2015 Grey Cup crapping on Kent Austin and subtly threw shade at the Ticats organization during his victory speech after the 2016 Grey Cup.

So if you think Collaros’ non-inclusion is coincidental, it’s not. It is Henry Burris using his platform to settle old scores.

His reasoning for Collaros’ omission — “He’s lost 12 straight, guys. A team that has great personnel, a great system to play in. And even when Jeremiah went in to play in that system, Jeremiah had success.” — is complete hogwash. The system was not the same; Collaros played under the awful Austin/Ptaszek system while Masoli flourished once June Jones took over. Burris should know better than anyone that a change in coaches leads to a change in philosophy and that the system we watched Collaros play under and the one we watched Masoli play under were in no way, shape or form the same.

It’s also a little bit funny that a guy who would take every opportunity to tell you why he wasn’t the reason his team lost a game is using QB winzzzzzzzz as a measure of how good a quarterback is.

Remember his low ranking of Ray from earlier? If wins matter so much, shouldn’t Ray be his No. 1 QB? (No. 2, because even if he doesn’t say it, Henry Burris is still the No. 1 QB in the CFL according to Henry Burris.)

I know all the Burris sycophants of R-Nation are going to bombard social media and the comment section to call me jealous or a hypocrite or some other type of name, but Burris’ list is trash and his reasoning he gave for a lot of his picks do not hold up to even the tiniest bit of scrutiny.

It’s Hank doing what he does and giving his own HOT TAEK to get his name back in the news and give his ego a nice stroke

Well, Hank, I have some advice for you: take your list and shove it.

Josh Smith has been writing about the Ticats and the CFL since 2010 and was sporting his beard way before it was cool. Will be long after, too.