UPDATED: Riders fan names new child after Duron Carter

Saskatchewan Roughrider fan Derek Lafrenie has named his newborn son “Carter” after Riders receiver Duron Carter.

This information comes to us, fittingly enough, via social media.

Carter, who also bought champagne for a couple celebrating their wedding on a recent flight, responded to Lafrenie.


So after I posted this on Sunday morning I heard from Derek and it sounds like things got a little scary after he Tweeted the initial picture from Regina General Hospital on Saturday night.

“This morning is way better. Just having blood sugar problems. Thank God for the NICU team… this is the 2nd baby of ours they have saved,” he wrote.

It sounds like Carter and mom Natalia are doing just fine now so I asked him why he named his son after Duron.

“We named him Carter because I was inspired by the way he interacts with fans,” Derek said. “He’s got a way of making people smile and enjoy the day.”

Carter is the couple’s first son and they also have three daughters so I asked him if his other children have Rider-themed names.

“No,” he said. “I was only given naming rights for the boy.”

I sent him back the crying-with-laughter emoji face.