CFL commissioner says players should work in the off-season

CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie says that CFL players should consider working in the off-season if they don’t like the money they’re making.

Ambrosie made the comments in an interview released on the league’s website after he issued a statement re-iterating the CFL’s commitment to two-year entry-level contracts in the wake of concerns raised by Toronto Argonauts James Wilder Jr. and Victor Butler last week.

Ambrosie was asked about compensation levels and said players earn bonus money in the playoffs before turning his attention to their off-season opportunities.

“The other thing to recognize is that at the end of the season our players are free to work and I frankly I encourage them to do that,” Ambrosie said.

“That’s how I built my career. I worked during the season as well but I worked full-time in the off-season and I would encourage our guys to do that, to start building an opportunity for their after-football life which comes up more quickly than you would think when you’re in the game.

“You’re a perfectly healthy, vibrant player and then it all takes one injury.”

Ambrosie played nine years for three CFL teams before going on to a career in financial services and management.

According to Ambrosie, the league has discussed changing the two-year entry-level contract but decided against it.

“It’s too late for this season. We did talk about this at our league meetings back in January and our GMs decided that they didn’t feel that it was the right time to change it,” he said. “The window to change the rule for this year has passed but that doesn’t mean it has to stay closed forever.”