CFL Pro Bowl unlikely, but a skills challenge could work

Winnipeg quarterback Matt Nichols, likely inspired by Sunday’s NFL Pro Bowl floated the idea of a CFL version on Twitter.

Well the idea certainly has potential, the scheduling challenges of the CFL would make a true Pro Bowl difficult. There is no break between the divisional final games and the Grey Cup as there are in the NFL. The league last held an all-star game in 1988 and had been inconsistent in scheduling the games over the previous three decades. Issues such as compensation, injury and location – Nichols proposed dome only – are all significant barriers. However, it could be a PR boon for the league if an all-star event of some sort could be arranged.

For example, a skills challenge featuring the top quarterbacks in the game during CFL week would likely draw significant interest. All of the star pivots are invited to that event for media obligations anyway and the league provides a facility for on-field activities to serve the combine.

Watching some good-natured trash talk between traditional rivals while giving CFL fans a taste of the game during the long off-season.