Bo Levi Mitchell: The XFL is a ‘gimmick’

Bo Levi Mitchell doesn’t see himself ever playing in the XFL.

Sportsnet co-host Rob Kerr posed an intriguing question to Mitchell on the latest edition of The Bo Show on Sportsnet 960 The Fan in Calgary: what would you have to see from the XFL to be comfortable considering playing in the XFL as opposed to the CFL?

“They’d have to be very established. It would have to be paying guys very well and it’s not just the quarterback or one player on the team, they’re establishing a way that they’re able to have a true salary cap. Pay all their players to where you’re not just a guy with a target on your back every single game. It would have to really take off. It would have to be something that’s backed by the NFL,” Mitchell answered.

“I find it very hard pressed for me to be looking at the XFL at any point in my career. I just don’t see it as happening.”

Vince McMahon sold $100 million dollars worth of his WWE shares to arm himself with the money to attempt bringing the XFL back.

“I see it as another 70-year-old guy getting bored with a lot of money, deciding he can compete with the biggest and the best,” Mitchell said.

“It’s going to be a gimmick to me. If it didn’t work once I don’t know why it would work the second time. It died out pretty quick for a reason and I think it will do the same.”

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