Riders’ Duron Carter puts TJ Heath on blast

Duron Carter has responded to TJ Heath’s proclamation that he’s ‘locked [Carter] down so many times.’

Heath shook his head at the contract Carter received from the Riders. Carter said Heath can line up across from him anytime while giving respect to Winnipeg’s all-star cornerback Chris Randle.

That is a fact, Carter did play on the short side of the field on offence and defence in 2017, the memorable pick-six of Bo Levi Mitchel came when the Riders reigning Most Outstanding Player was at the weakside corner spot.

Carter played the Bombers three times in 2017 recording five catches for 69 yards, 10 receptions for 101 yards and one touchdown and two grabs for 96 yards and one touchdown. That’s a total of 266 yards and two touchdowns and average of over 88 yards per game.

Of course, Carter had to end with a mic drop.

OK, one more….