Riders’ Duron Carter favours Canadian culture


Duron Carter chose to keep playing football in Canada in part due to the culture in our country.

“Growing up in a big market with my dad, it’s really just football in the United States in general, everybody is looking at you from their perspective whether it’s the role model or it’s the jock athlete that they didn’t like in high school,” Carter said on CKRM’s The Sports Cage Monday.

“In Canada it’s simple they love you because you’re a good guy and you just happen to be good at football. That’s the main thing about being in Regina and in Saskatchewan is that everybody has embraced me as the person and I just happen to be catching touchdowns for them.”

Carter caught eight touchdowns in 2017 and added an interception return for a major off Bo Levi Mitchell to capture the hearts of Riders fans on the field. Off the field, he gave away the football from his spectacular TD grab to a young cancer survivor and paid for a group of green and white faithful to see a ‘Justice League’ with him in Toronto before the East Final.

The love affair with Riders fans and our home and native land is mutual.

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