Duron Carter chooses Riders over NFL opportunities

Duron Carter has chosen Saskatchewan over the NFL.

“I didn’t even get into contract talks with people. Everybody wanted me to come work out. I wasn’t in the workout mood to tell you the truth. Everybody has seen my tape. I didn’t really feel it was necessary for me to be working out running 40’s and everything after playing 20 games in the CFL. I just wanted to take care of my body,” Carter said.

“I knew that I wanted to be back in Saskatchewan.”

Carter reportedly did one work out for the Arizona Cardinals and turned down a contract offer from them as well as one from the Baltimore Ravens. Signing for one season in Riderville gives Carter the chance to potentially explore the NFL again next off-season said Riders head coach and general manager Chris Jones.

“It’s a good opportunity for Duron to come back and still be able to get a window if he wants and decides that he wants to go to the NFL. Right now he has one thing in mind and that’s winning a Grey Cup with us,” said Jones.

There was one NFL scout who watched Carter play live and he said the league south of the border ‘better be’ watching him in the CFL. But the NFL has taken notice of more than Carter’s football skills.

“I’ve seen plenty of my celebrations in the NFL and it gets all hyped up like the first time it’s ever been done,” Carter said.

“It’s all cool but I did it first. I’m kinda like Rain Man.”