The good, the bad and the ugly from the new CFL mock hockey jerseys


The CFL has already has a set of team-themed hockey jerseys but Jason Eithier, the guy behind the @JerseyIdeas, has a fresh set that look pretty slick and feature current players with their new teams. Some of the looks really work while others… work less. Let’s review.

Montreal’s feature newly-signed quarterback Josh Freeman and a fairly monotone look. A riff on those bird-themed third jerseys would be interesting to see.

  The Argos version uses quarterback Ricky Ray, presumably for an old-timers game. 

The red body and black sleeves is a bold fashion choice for the Redblacks but there’s no #RNation hashtag anywhere, a major (if welcome) oversight.

The Ticats jerseys have a bumble-bee feel to them – not sure the gold pants, which the team rarely uses on the football field, are a good look.

A simple red jersey for the Stamps…. and the neck looks a little tight after two straight Grey Cup losses.

The Mike Reilly uniform features one major flaw – there’s no way the toughest guy in the CFL is wearing a visor on the ice.

Lots of horizontal stripes in the Bombers jerseys… not particularly slimming for the boys up front.

Given Rider Nation’s insatiable demand for all things green and white, it seems impossible that the team doesn’t sell a hockey jersey but a quick perusal of the team store turns up nothing. A $130 polyester blazer on the other hand…

The Lions have always had a polarizing look, whether it’s the all-black with the matte helmets or the throwback Creamsicle. This is actually pretty tame by comparison.

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