Kevin Glenn happy to make history (and hopefully Jeopardy!) by joining Eskimos


Kevin Glenn hopes to make Jeopardy! one day.

Not as a contestant but as an answer.

“Which player in CFL history has been associated with all nine teams?” Glenn said while laughing.

“That’s when someone, hopefully, Peter Dyakowski, buzzes in and says, ‘Alex I know this one because I played with this guy on a couple of different teams’. And he goes: who is Kevin Glenn? Hopefully, he doesn’t get choked up and not remember who I am. And then maybe we can split some of the winnings from Jeopardy!”

Glenn completed the feat of being the CFL’s best trivia question by signing a one-year contract with the Eskimos. In doing so, the 17-year veteran has now been associated with all nine CFL teams throughout his career.

After Glenn was set free by Saskatchewan, Ottawa and Winnipeg called along with Edmonton. That’s when Glenn the agent took over.

“This isn’t Kevin Glenn the player, its Kevin Glenn the agent talking to you on behalf of Kevin Glenn the player,” Glenn said.

Because Glenn has been in the league for a long time he has personal relationships with general managers and coaches around Canada. That makes it more of a conversation than negotiation. Both parties respect each other and have a healthy conversation about coming to an agreement or not. Even when Glenn had representation he was involved, which has served him well since going on his own.

“From the day I got released I’ve been having talks with people numerous times a day. Being in the league and being aware of what’s going on helps me. That’s where I can turn it off and turn it on, I don’t take it personal because I understand it’s a negotiation,” Glenn said.

“I’m a firm believer in relationships, you never want to burn bridges, especially in a nine-team league.”

Every team Glenn spoke with was upfront and honest. That’s what gets the deal done fastest he believes. The chance to make history did enter into Glenn’s thought process when he made the final decision.

“I did the negotiation, the financial piece happened and then from there, I looked at the possibility of playing, helping outside of playing and then the actual making history came in to play and that’s how I ended up in Edmonton,” Glenn explained.

“The fact that they run an offence there similar to the one I ran last year. That kind of stuff plays a part because as a player who has been in the league so long you don’t want to keep jumping from team to team and have to learn a new offence and verbage. So it’s very similar to what I was doing last year, I had a lot of success in it with the Riders.”

Glenn admitted it was the toughest decision in his 17 years as far as choosing a team when in a position to do so as a free agent.

“The longevity speaks for itself. When someone can play this game – it’s very physical – at that position too for that long it says a lot about you as a person and your character. I had to fight to stay in the league at times,” Glenn said.

A nine-team patchwork jersey might be put together by Glenn when he ultimately retires.

“You just gave me a very creative idea. That would be funny,” Glenn said.

“I completed the cycle, the tour, I’ve heard the travelling Glenn. I’m just saying I’m the ambassador of the CFL.”


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