Bo Levi Mitchell weighs in on recent QB moves


Bo knows quarterbacks.

After some time off from his own Bo Show on Sportsnet 960 The FAN in Calgary, Mitchell returned to share his views on the recent spate of quarterback moves around the CFL.

James Franklin signed for two years with the Argos and Mitchell believes that signals a shift at the pivot position in Toronto.

“The numbers would tell us whether or not, basically, if Ricky [Ray] is coming back. If he signed that quickly I would say there had to be some pretty strong words from their side saying ‘Hey, you’re going to be the guy.’ I would say the fact that he signed this fast, it’s a pretty strong indication Ricky is probably not coming back. Good for Ricky, going out on top…it’s what Ricky deserves,” he said.

Even though Mitchell is an admittedly biased fan of Zach Collaros, the 2016 CFL MOP posed a question worth considering regarding the Riders acquiring Collaros after re-signing Brandon Bridge.

“I have become a little bit more of a believer in Bridge. But my question is what was Bridge told when he signed? That’s what I want to know. When he signed his contract was he told he was going to be the guy? Was he told we’re going to bring another quarterback in?” Mitchell wondered.

Finally, Mitchell provided his analysis on what Collaros can bring to the Riders.

“GMs and everybody out there knows who Zach is and what he can do again, given the right opportunity, given the right position. I think he was in a pretty bad position last year. The quarterback that I believe Zach is: a pocket passer who can get out and make plays on his own when he needs to.”

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