Ticats make Johnny Manziel a contract offer

The Ticats have made an offer to Johnny Manziel.

As per the negotiation list process, Johnny Manziel and his agent recently notified the Tiger-Cats that they had activated the 10-day window during which the Tiger-Cats must offer him a contract or lose his negotiation list rights. That window closed today and we can confirm that we made an offer to Manziel, and that his rights will remain on our negotiation list while discussions with he and his agent continue. We will have no further comment, the Ticats said in a statement.

Complying with neg list rules means Hamilton owns Manziel’s rights for another calendar year – until January 7, 2019 –  during that time the team and player can continue to negotiate a deal. The Ticats had until Jan. 7 to offer Manziel a contract in order to maintain his neg list rights, something Ticats vice-president of football operations Kent Austin said they’d be “foolish” not to do.

The CFL announced in late December that the league would approve a contract for Manziel.

Manziel hinted at a comeback to pro football on his Instagram Sunday morning.

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