Five interesting quotes from the Alouettes introducing Mike Sherman as head coach

Mike Sherman was unveiled as the Alouettes new head coach – sixth in the last six seasons.

There have been many questions about who makes the decisions in Montreal, but owner Andrew Wetenhall made it clear how the hiring of Sherman happened.

“They put in place a hiring process, they identified how they wanted to run it, they reviewed with us the structure, the nature of the candidates they were going to review, how they were going to go through it and they presented us with finalist candidates. Kavis [Reed] and Patrick [Boivin] made a unified, singular recommendation as to who their coach selection was and they asked for ownership’s approval as to that coach,” Andrew Wetenhall. “We have an all-star cast and they’re running this business.”

Sherman’s name was kept out of the headlines throughout the search for a new bench boss in Montreal even though it had been a while since the Alouettes general manager made contact with the former Packers head coach.

“First contact with coach Sherman was about a month and a half ago,” Kavis Reed.

The 63-year-old had three total meetings with Alouettes brass.

“I had an idea about Kavis because he had come down one time to see me. I’ve been up here twice,” Sherman said.

It was clear who will have the final stamp on the coaching staff.

“I will pick the coaches that will coach with me,” Sherman said.

There was no starting quarterback named by Sherman and he doesn’t expect a legend to walk through the door.

“The Brett Favre’s come along once every hundred years,” Sherman said. “I don’t have an anticipation that we have to have that calibre of player to win football games. You look at the talent and you try to get the most you can out of that talent and know what he’s capable of doing, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

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