Is the CFL getting ready to release the 2018 schedule?

The CFL may be on the verge of releasing the 2018 schedule – months earlier than usual.

A copy of what looks to be the Edmonton Eskimos schedule has emerged online via the Twitter account of a CFL podcast.

And has been backed up by an Eskimos fan.

The schedule looks legit. It features 21 weeks and three bye weeks, which follows the template announced by the league last September.

If one team has their schedule ready, then it’s likely that the league has the entire calendar ready to go. The CFL usually releases its schedule in February but fans have been clamouring for an earlier release for years and it would likely help teams in their season-ticket renewal efforts.

So how did an early copy of the schedule end up in the hands of a podcaster? Well, the CFL has sometimes given fans active on social media a sneak peak at things in order to generate interest. This could be one of those efforts… or maybe somebody just jumped the gun.

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