Ticats coach June Jones ripped after saying Manziel could be “best player ever”

Hamilton Tiger-Cats head coach June Jones is being ridiculed unmercifully on social media after saying something kinda dumb about Johnny Manziel.

“I think [Manziel] would be the best player to ever play up here,” Jones told the CFL’s in-house podcast The Waggle. “He can throw it and he can run it like nobody has ever been able to do.”

Best. Player. Ever.

That bit of unfortunate hyperbole got Twitter going in a hurry as fans of the three-down league reminded Jones – who has coached all of 10 games in the CFL – about former players like Doug Flutie and Warren Moon. They may have also pointed out that Manziel has yet to play a game in Canada and didn’t exactly set the NFL on fire before washing out. The Ticats have Manziel on their neg list and are waiting for the league to sign off before potentially signing him to a contract.

Some of these GIFs are on point, too. A sampling:



We’ll let Bo Levi Mitchell have the last word because sub Tweets are the best Tweets.