TFC only major pro sports team in Toronto that hasn’t congratulated Argos

They may be roommates but that doesn’t mean Toronto FC and the Toronto Argonauts are friends.

Every other major pro sports franchise in the city of Toronto has congratulated the Argonauts on their CFL championship win – except the soccer team.

“Larry [Tanenbaum] to me is an absolute gem – his family is spectacular. It’s not hard to figure out why he’s had success,” Leafs head coach Mike Babcock said about the MLSE chairman who has an ownership stake in the Argos. “For him to keep doing great things for the city of Toronto is a lot of fun. Any time you’re around winning, that’s a real special thing. Obviously, a good example for us. It’s great they were able to look after that with their opportunity. It looked like a lot of fun.”

Even the Jays, completely owned by Rogers who have no stake in the CFL, gave props to the Argos.

But TFC remains silent on social media. That’s a statement in its own right. There have been many vocal Reds fans who were upset that the Argos were allowed to move to BMO Field for the 2016 season and the movement continues. A “No Argos at BMO” campaign remains strong from Toronto FC supporters.

Of course, they could just be busy. Toronto FC hosts Columbus in the second leg of the conference finals on Wednesday at BMO. Be sure to congratulate them if they win. Or not.

UPDATE: Toronto FC did finally send out a Tweet….

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