Shawn Lemon chirps Charleston Hughes after Grey Cup win

Shawn Lemon elected to remain quiet during Grey Cup week when Charleston Hughes was antagonizing him.

Hughes was trying to knock Lemon off his game one snarky remark at a time.

The Stampeders defensive end has typically gone back and forth on social media with his counterpart on the Toronto Argonauts – the two were teammates in Calgary during the 2013 and 2014 seasons – before big games but Lemon refused to take the bait.

Hughes chirped Lemon when the Stampeders arrived in Ottawa on Tuesday but Lemon refused to respond on social media or during his media session on Wednesday.

“Just focused on the game plan and getting the win,” Lemon said. “We’re playing a great opponent so I got to put more time into preparation.

But Hughes kept at it during Wednesday’s media session after being asked about Lemon’s unwillingness to fire back.

“He don’t want to engage with me, he knows better,” Hughes said before infantilizing Lemon.

“I plan on stepping out and having lunch with him sometime this week to discuss our Sunday approach because I know what I’m going to do in the game and I want to hear what he says he’s going to do in the game because when you’re looking down at your son and you’re talking to your father you’re going to tell your father everything you want to do. And I’m going to look back down at him and tell him that’s what I want to hear son. I want him to succeed and do his best.”

Hughes also had some choice words for Toronto quarterback Ricky Ray

“Ricky Ray is not difficult to get down at all,” Hughes said. “He’s one of the easier quarterbacks to sack because when he sees you coming he’s going to turtle.”

Lemon got the last laugh and responded to Hughes after Toronto made a dramatic comeback to win the 2017 Grey Cup.

“Charleston’s a great player, but he should probably focus on the gameplan instead of talking trash about my quarterback next time,” Lemon said with a wry smile.

Statement made.

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