How Mike Reilly reignited his hat game

Mike Reilly brings a strong hat game on the road.

Typically he’s worn a “bowler” style hat, but for the Eskimos trip to the nation’s capital in 2017 he busted out a new lid.

Reilly used to wear “a few sweet hats” when B.C. went on the road, but nobody knew about it because he was the backup and didn’t get requested by any media.

After being traded to Edmonton and becoming the face of the franchise, Reilly got back into the hat game. It was actually an off-season Kentucky Derby party, he bought a hat for the occasion, that got it reignited and later that season he wanted to wear it with his suit.

“I actually have some pretty sweet hats that I haven’t even busted out. I’m saving them for special occasions,” Reilly says. “Grey Cup, if we get back to that one I have a hat that is going to blow some people away, that’s all I can say about that one.”

Reilly’s lids have their own Twitter account. And he sported a new one last week in Winnipeg. 
(Photo credit: Chris O’Leary)

Edmonton’s quarterback’s wife Emily gets him new threads every off-season.

“Since we started dating she got me a custom suit the first year and that’s been a tradition every year. She’s my stylist.” Reilly says.

“Once I started wearing the hat she finds a sweet hat that matches one of my suits – I’m building the repertoire.”

Justin Dunk is a football insider, sports reporter and anchor.